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PVC Factory covers

Frequently Asked Questions...

Are you trade only?

Mainly, but we do work with private customers too, especially on garden products, shades and special covers. There are many circumstances where we may be able to help . Send us an email or use the contact form with your enquiry.

Can we visit the factory?

By appointment, yes.


Please note that the Rodenhurst site is a production only facility. There is no retail, sales or design service. 

Due to locations of team members and the dangerous machinery in operation, it is necessary to call us or email first, so that we can arrange an appointment.

At least this way there is always coffee and biscuits...

I have an environmental policy, do you have fabrics that will work for us?

Absolutely. We have recycled PVC products, we also have a fully recyclable product, so they can be returned to the manufacturers facility at the end of the product's useful life to be recycled, preventing products ever going to landfill.

In addition to this, we have an inhouse policy to reduce landfill waste as much as is possible by donating much of our waste and offcuts to makers and crafters in our local area. 

(If you would like to be one of them, just ask.)

We have a problem that we don't know how to solve. Can someone help us find a solution?

Yes. A large part of our work comes from enquiries like this. We enjoy advising of the options available and working through ideas. This often leads to a prototype and ultimately to a production run. Sometimes the runs are short, sometimes they run indefinitely as a component that forms part of our customers manufacture.

PVC Sheets

Specialists in :  

Technical textiles | PVC | Webbing | Strapping | Acrylics | Meshes | Polyesters | Netting | Polypropylene | Flame retardant | Tarpaulin | Screening | Dividers and so much more...

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